Tracking Changes in Cloud Updates


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You want to know what has been updated, or what will be updated, in your Cloud instance and you are not sure where to go.

Start Here:

The best overview of what is being released is detailed in the following pages:


There is information not included on these pages though, such as the majority of bug fixes. You will need to search in to see all bug fixes. If you use the following JQL search, it will identify the bug tickets that were associated to specific fixes. Navigate to and select the issue navigator. From there, use the following JQL query (please note that you will need to change the version to whichever version you are tracking):

fixVersion = 6.4-OD-9


You can also modify the query to include multiple fix versions, which will allow you to see bugs that were fixed in whichever versions you are interested in. Please note that you can also search for future versions that have not been released yet.

fixVersion = 6.4-OD-9 or fixVersion = 6.4-OD-10 or fixVersion = 6.4-OD-11

This information is reflected in the fix version field of the tickets:


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