Google Apps update required in Atlassian Cloud administration


アトラシアン コミュニティをご利用ください。



You are an administrator of an Atlassian Cloud site and are being asked to disconnect and reconnect your Google Apps domain as in the following screenshots.


Your Atlassian Cloud site is using the Google Apps Provisioning API to integrate with your Google Apps domain. As this API is scheduled for removal on 20 April 2015 you are being asked to upgrade your Google Apps connection onto the new Directory API.

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Your Google Apps integration is still active and operational at this point and will continue to work until April 2015. However, we encourage you to upgrade your Google Apps domain as soon as possible so as to avoid disruption in the future.


Atlassian is not able to automatically configure your instance to use the new API so it is essential that you perform this manual step before April 2015.


You can resolve the warning by upgrading the connection to your Google Apps domain in Cloud administration. There is no downtime involved in the upgrade process and existing user accounts will remain fully functional during and after the upgrade.

Ensure that Google Apps Administrative APIs are enabled for your Google Apps domain. This is a prerequisite for Google Apps integration to be able to read users on your domain.

Once you complete the upgrade your Cloud site will begin using the Google Directory API to communicate with Google and will not be affected by the upcoming changes to the Provisioning API.


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