Unable to connect to Atlassian Marketplace with UPM


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When attempting to use the UPM, a java.net.UnknownHostException is thrown.

The following appears in atlassian-bitbucket.log:

2012-12-25 13:39:57,287 WARN  [http-bio-7990-exec-7] admin 819x357x1 hveimk "GET /rest/plugins/1.0/product-version HTTP/1.1" com.atlassian.upm.pac.PacClientImpl Error when querying application info from MPAC: com.atlassian.marketplace.client.MpacException: java.net.UnknownHostException: domain.name: Name or service not known


There are a few possible causes:

  1. The domain.name in the error showing marketplace.atlassian.com.
    The Universal Plugin Manager is unable to establish an outbound connection to the Atlassian Marketplace. The most likely cause for this is the Bitbucket Server instance does not have an outbound connection to the Information Superhighway or is using an internal DNS that does not have marketplace.atlassian.com in it.
  2. The domain.name in the error showing proxy.server.domain.name.
    Bitbucket Server is configured to use the proxy server to access Atlassian Marketplace. However, Bitbucket Server instance DNS does not have proxy.server.domain.name or there is a mistake in the http.proxyHost setting.


This can be resolved with any of the following:

  1. Please fix your communication with your DNS so it can resolve marketplace.atlassian.com.

    If that doesn't work:
    -Disable communication with the Atlassian Marketplace at Administration >> Plugins >> Manage Plugins if the server couldn't access Atlassian Marketplace
    -Install plugin manually to Bitbucket Server by downloading the plugin jar at Marketplace and executing the steps described in the Installing add-ons documentation

  2. Set up Bitbucket Server to use an outbound proxy as per our How to configure an outbound HTTP and HTTPS proxy for Bitbucket Server KB article.
    Make sure that https.proxyHost has the correct domain name setting.
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