Test button in Elasticsearch for Bitbucket server results in the access denied


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The information that is in the Search section of the Admin cog Icon >> Server Settings page when sent after pressing the "Test" button results in the "Access denied" when using the Embedded Elasticsearch.


The password expected by Elasticsearch is out of sync with the one that Bitbucket Server is using to authenticate.


We need to reset the password on Elasticsearch. Updating the credentials on the buckler.yml and restarting the Elasticsearch service should fix this issue.

  • Shutdown Elasticsearch and Bitbucket Server

    # service atlbitbucket stop
  • Edit the buckler.yml file. Back it up first

    # vi /var/atlassian/application-data/bitbucket/shared/search/buckler/buckler.yml
  • Right after the text "auth.basic.password:" remove the current default password and replace with any password of your choice.
  • Next, start up Bitbucket Server and ensure first that you're able to access http://localhost:7992 on the browser. You could also perform an initial test and entering the credentials on the pop-up dialog with the updated credentials to see if you're able to login.

    # service atlbitbucket start
  • If you're able to login, attempt to test with the same credentials from the Bitbucket Server Administration area

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