Reindex JIRA issue keys


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A reindex may be required when one of the following problems arises.

Bitbucket Server

If the "Commit" view in Bitbucket Server doesn't show links to JIRA under the Issues column or doesn't show new JIRA issues in this column and neither of these known issues is the cause:

BSERV-3403 - Getting issue details... STATUS

BSERV-4287 - Getting issue details... STATUS


The development panel in JIRA is not showing an updated status of the commits, branches or pull requests.


Case #1

When the problem is on the Bitbucket Server side or related to the commits in JIRA:

  1. Create a backup before continuing.
  2. Shut down Bitbucket Server.
  3. Remove the contents of the <BITBUCKET_HOME>/shared/data/snapshots directory.
  4. Start Bitbucket server.
  5. Push to the repository with the JIRA issue key in the commit message to force a reindex of the data.

Read more here: Using custom JIRA issue keys

Note that this reindex will not remove any of the old JIRA keys from the index, It will just trigger the indexing to start from the beginning again. The snapshot contains the hashes of the refs it has already indexed and are updated after each indexing run. Data related to JIRA issue keys are stored in the cs_attribute and cs_repo_membership tables. Please don't modify these tables unless it's recommended by Atlassian.

Case #2

It is currently not possible to update the development panel for the following problems:

  • the status of a pull request is incorrect
  • a branch is missing or incorrect

The following bug is available for tracking:  BSERV-9452 - Getting issue details... STATUS

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