Missing commits in Bitbucket after a filesystem migration


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After a migration to a new filesystem, commits appear as missing from the repositories.

The commits usually being reported as missing are merge commits and the commits being part of merged pull requests. The commits are missing from both the source and the target branch.


When moving to a new filesystem, some customers have been using rsync and follow a workflow similar to the following:

  • do an initial rsync
  • (optional) perform additional rsync. These could be scheduled or manual and have the objective to reduce the downtime during to migrate to a new filesystem.
  • perform a final rsync

While running this sequence of commands, the --delete rsync option is not used so only changes to existing files and new files are synchronized. However, files that have been copied during the earlier rsync are not deleted and this causes unexpected conflicts in the Git repositories.


At certain intervals, Bitbucket runs a git pack-refs --all (see git-pack-refs for git-pack-refs documentation) causing the files containing the refs to the tip of the branch to be packed to the $REPOSITORY_HOME/packed-refs file.

The file containing the refs, stored as $REPOSITORY_HOME/refs/heads/feature/<branch_name>, is emptied as part of this process.

If the first rsync has been performed before the pack-refs ran and again after that without the --delete option, both the $REPOSITORY_HOME/refs/heads/<branch_name> and the $REPOSITORY_HOME/packed-refs file will be present in the target filesystem.

When that happens, git recognizes the hash in $REPOSITORY_HOME/refs/heads/<branch_name> as the tip of the branch but this is now outdated and leads to what is described as "missing commits".


If Bitbucket has not been used yet on the new filesystem. the recommended action is to switch back to the previous filesystem or to perform the rsync again using the delete option to remove all unnecessary refs on the target site.

Otherwise, the users can push the changes that are not visible in the target site once more.

Step by step example

This section will show what happens to the git repository on the server with a step by step example.

Push a commit

When a commit is pushed to the rsync_testing branch in the repository, the $REPOSITORY_HOME/refs/heads/rsync_testing is updated containing the hash corresponding to the tip of the branch:

cat refs/heads/rsync_testing

If this is a new branch, the packed-refs file does not contain any entry for the rsync_testing branch:

cat packed-refs | grep "refs/heads/rsync_testing"
# no results

First Rsync

Both the $REPOSITORY_HOME/refs/heads/rsync_testing file and the $REPOSITORY_HOME/packed-refs file will match exactly the ones above in the target environment.

Push a second commit

The refs now contain the new hash:

cat refs/heads/rsync_testing

The packed-refs file still does not contain any references to the branch:

cat packed-refs | grep "refs/heads/rsync_testing"
# no results

Merge the pull request

When a pull request is merged, a garbage collection is scheduled and, if the minimum interval has passed, the refs are packed:

cat refs/heads/rsync_testing
# The refs have been packed so the file does not exist anymore

The packed-refs file now has an entry for the rsync_testing branch and this points to the most recent commit:

cat packed-refs | grep "refs/heads/rsync_testing"
7622bf84bdfb2fae299609a38b09e7bfdea22b00 refs/heads/rsync_testing

Second Rsync

The $REPOSITORY_HOME/packed-refs file will be synchronized while the $REPOSITORY_HOME/refs/heads/rsync_testing file will not because the file does not exist.

In the target environment, the refs/heads/rsync_testing is still present and contains the hash of the first commit:

cat refs/heads/rsync_testing

The packed-refs contain the updated value with the hash of the second commit.

cat packed-refs | grep "refs/heads/rsync_testing"
7622bf84bdfb2fae299609a38b09e7bfdea22b00 refs/heads/rsync_testing

The git logic gives the precedence to the content of the loose refs (refs/heads/rsync_testing) so the history will show the 

Source environment - master branch

Target environment - master branch

Source environment - rsync_testing branch

Target environment - rsync_testing branch

Other Notes

Q: Does it matter if the source branch was deleted or not during the merge?

A: No, what is relevant is the status of the refs files and not the content of the branches. In the example, the source branch has not been deleted.

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