Few JMX Metrics Available in Staging


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You keep monitoring the JMX metrics in your Production instance of Bitbucket Server or Data Center and you are used to seeing a number of JMX metrics available in your instance. When you start jconsole and connect to your Bitbucket Server, switch to the MBeans tab and expand metrics, you may see the following:

You set up a separate Staging environment, where Bitbucket Server is also running, although with much less user activity.

You start jconsole and connect to the Bitbucket Server in Staging, and you notice that only a few of the usual metrics are present - for example:



  • Any Staging deployment with little to no user activity.


  • Start Bitbucket Server with JMX enabled, then immediately run jconsole, connect to your Bitbucket Server in Staging, switch to the MBeans tab and expand: metrics


These metrics only get initialised on the first use. For example, until the Bitbucket Server receives the first http POST request, the metric: org.apache.http.client.HttpClient.post-requests is not listed as available.


This is working as expected. Once Bitbucket Server is fully initialised and the users generate activity, the corresponding metrics will start appearing in jconsole.
For example:

  • While Bitbucket Server is still starting up, you may see only 2 metrics

  • Once it is fully started, and a user logs in, and performs some basic navigation, 4 metrics may be available

  • Once a new Project is created and deleted, 6 metrics should be available

  • After a user performs some code search, 10 metrics should be available

説明Some JMX metrics may be missing after restart
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