Bitbucket does not support Git's legacy HTTP transport protocol when using Git LFS


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When pushing to Bitbucket Server and using Git LFS, the following error is returned from the Git client:

$ git lfs push origin master --all
Invalid request from host Note that Bitbucket does not support Git's legacy HTTP transport protocol.


原因 #1

The Git client has been configured to use the legacy "Original v1 API", which can be caused by a bug in the LFS client (see Fix fallthrough when git-lfs-authenticate returns an error #909). This will set the following in .git/config:

  batch = false

This tells Git LFS to not use the Batch API and just use the Legacy API. Since the Legacy API is due for removal and inefficient, it's not implemented in Bitbucket Server.

原因 #2

The Base URL for Bitbucket Server is set incorrectly. 


原因 #1

Remove the batch = false configuration from the Git config.

原因 #2

Under Administration >> Server Settings set the Base URL to the correct value.


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