Bitbucket Server 試用版のインストール

Want to get up and running with Bitbucket Server quickly? This page will guide you through the steps to install and set up a trial instance of Bitbucket Server.



If you're ready to set up a production instance of Bitbucket Server, or you want more control, check out our other installation guides.



  • A computer or laptop with a supported operating system - you'll be installing Bitbucket so you'll need admin rights.


    You can install Bitbucket on a Windows, Linux, or Mac operating system. However Mac isn't supported for production instances.

  • A supported web browser - you'll need this to access Bitbucket, we support the latest versions of Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 11, and Microsoft Edge.

  • A valid email address - you'll need this to generate your evaluation license and create an account. Register with your business email domain to access live chat and phone calls with Bitbucket product specialists (for a limited time). 


準備はよろしいですか? まず、インストーラーを取得しましょう。

1. インストーラーのダウンロード

Head to and download the installer for your operating system.

2. Install Bitbucket

The installer allows you to choose the installation and home directories. For this guide we recommend using the default options.


For Windows or Mac
  1. Run the installer - we recommend running with an administrator account.
  2. Choose Install a standard instance, then click Next.
  3. When prompted, choose to start and launch Bitbucket in a browser.
  4. Bitbucket will open in your default browser, and you're ready to start the setup wizard.
    The application will be available at http://localhost:7990.
Linux の場合
  1. Change to the directory where you downloaded Bitbucket then execute this command to make it executable:

    $ chmod a+x atlassian-Bitbucket-X.X.X-x64.bin

    Where X.X.X is is the Bitbucket version you downloaded.

  2. Run the installer - we recommend using sudo to run the installer as this will create a dedicated account to run Bitbucket and allow you to run Bitbucket as a service.

    $ sudo ./atlassian-Bitbucket-X.X.X-x64.bin
  3. When prompted, choose to start and launch Bitbucket in a browser.
  4. Once installation is complete head to http://localhost:7990 in your browser to begin the setup process. 

3. Set up Bitbucket

Bitbucket Server の初回起動時にブラウザでアクセスすると、セットアップ ウィザードが自動的に実行されます。

Add your license key

Follow the prompts and head to where you can generate a trial license. Be sure to register with your business email domain to access live chat and phone calls with Bitbucket product specialists.


  1. 管理者アカウントの詳細情報を入力します。
  2. Click either Go to Bitbucket - to go straight to the Bitbucket Server interface, or Integrate with JIRA - to create your connection with an existing JIRA application. 


    You can also chose to use a JIRA application as your user database during this step. See the page Configuring JIRA integration in the Setup Wizard for details. You can also elect to do this later.

Start using Bitbucket Server

これで完了です。Bitbucket Server サイトに、http://<computer_name_or_IP_address>:<port> などの URL からアクセスできます。


本番環境に Bitbucket Server をセットアップする場合、次のような部分を設定することをおすすめします。


大規模な組織を対象とした Bitbucket Server のセットアップの詳細については、「大規模な組織で Bitbucket Server を使用する」を参照してください。

最終更新日: 2017 年 2 月 6 日


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