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アトラシアン コミュニティをご利用ください。


Learn how to install and configure the extension for use with Atlassian products. 


To install the Atlassian for VSCode extension:

  1. Open VSCode and select extensions in the sidebar.
  2. Search for Atlassian, open Atlassian for VSCode and click install

When you install the extension for the first time or upgrade the extension from a previous version, you’ll see a welcome screen that provides the recent changelog as well as buttons to configure the extension or leave us some feedback.

locate and install integration from vs code


Next, you’ll need to configure the extension to authenticate with Jira and/or Bitbucket.

You can access the configuration from 2 locations:

  • From the Atlassian Welcome screen: click on the Configure Atlassian Settings buttonbegin configuration from welcome screen

  • From the command palette: execute the Atlassian: Open Settings command

There are a lot of configuration options on the Atlassian Settings screen.

This section will cover the options that are not related to any other screens/functions within the app.

The function specific settings will be covered in their respective sections within this documentation.

Authenticate with JIRA 

From the settings screen, you can authenticate with one or more Jira sites that you have access to by clicking the Authenticate button and following the authentication flow.

If you belong to more than one site, you can authorize it by clicking the Authenticate with another site button and following the authentication flow again to choose another site.

Choose a default site and project

Once you’re authenticated with Jira, you can choose a default site and a default project. These will be used throughout the extension to retrieve Jira data when a site or project is not asked for explicitly.

If these options are left blank, the extension will use the first site and/or project it finds in the list.

When choosing a default project, the project drop down will allow you to type in search terms to filter the list of projects.

Authenticate with Bitbucket Cloud

From the settings screen, you can authenticate with Bitbucket by clicking the Authenticate button and following the authentication flow.

Customize the status bar

By default, the extension will show you your authentication status in the status bar and in the case of Jira, can also show you your site and/or project selections.

These can be enabled/disabled as well as customized within the Status Bar section of the settings screen.

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