Connect Bitbucket Cloud to Jira Cloud applications

Read about how your team can enjoy the seamless integration of issues and code when you connect Bitbucket Cloud with Jira Software Cloud.

This integration has no effect on the Bitbucket Cloud issue tracker and will only import, track, and recognize issues from Jira. 

Connect your Bitbucket account to Jira Software Cloud

Start in Bitbucket to connect with Jira Software Cloud (you can also start in Jira Cloud applications). This works best if you have Jira admin permissions for the Jira Software Cloud instance you want to connect with. If you want to connect Bitbucket Cloud with a Jira server application, see Connect Bitbucket Cloud to Jira Server applications.

Log in to the Bitbucket Cloud account you want to connect with Jira Software Cloud. You'll need to be an admin on the Bitbucket account.

Choose Integrations from the avatar menu:

Now find the 'Jira' add-on and click Add:

Enter the URL for the Jira Software Cloud instance you want to connect with, such as :

You'll see an error dialog if the URL isn't for a Jira Software Cloud instance:


Click Add to start the connection process. You need to grant Jira Software access to your Bitbucket Cloud account:

Now, back in Bitbucket, grant Bitbucket access to Jira Software:

You can choose how Jira Software Cloud should handle syncing and Smart Commits for the repos in the Bitbucket account:

Choose whether Jira Software Cloud should:

  • automatically sync all existing repos in the Bitbucket account, and any repos added in the future. Syncing ensures that repo activity is updated in Jira Software in real time.
  • enable Smart Commits for all existing repos in the account and for any repos added in future. 
    See Processing Jira issues with Smart Commits.

You can manage these settings later from the 'DVCS accounts' page in Jira Software. See Manage your linked account below.

Once connected, you'll see your Bitbucket repos listed on the 'DVCS accounts' page in Jira Software.


From in Bitbucket

You can remove the connection to Jira Software by choosing Bitbucket settings from the avatar menu, then clicking Manage integrations, under 'Integrations and features' on the left:

From Jira Software

After you link a Bitbucket Cloud account with Jira Software, you can manage the connection and the linked repos from the 'DVCS accounts' page in Jira.

もし接続に問題があれば、 Troubleshoot connections with Bitbucket Cloud をご覧ください。


操作 手順説明


「DVCSアカウント」ページでリポジトリの行にマウンスオーバーして、右側にある 'X'をクリックします。


リポジトリの追加 (Add Repository) フィールドにリポジトリ名を入力し、追加したいものを表示させてから追加をクリックします。

For the account: choose Configure default repository settings from the Actions menu.

ここで必要な スマートコミットの規定の設定を修正します:


レポジトリに対して: 必要に応じて、リポジトリの行にあるスマートコミットのチェックボックスを選択、またはクリアします。

Read more about processing Jira issues using Smart Commits.

リポジトリの自動同期管理 Typically, new repos added to the Bitbucket account are automatically synced, to show new branch, commit and pull request activity in Jira. You can turn off auto-syncing for new repos by choosing Configure default repository settings from the Actions menu, and changing the Automatically sync checkbox.
リポジトリのリストを更新 手動で接続されたリポジトリのリストを更新するには、リポジトリの更新 (Refresh repositories)を選択します。
Manually sync repo activity with Jira

If necessary, you can force Jira to update its Bitbucket Cloud repo activity data:

  • ソフト同期は最後の同期からの変更を取得します - リポジトリのLast activityの日付の脇にある同期アイコンをクリックします。
  • A full sync clears all existing data in Jira and resyncs everything – hold SHIFT and click the sync icon beside the Last activity date for the repo.


Control auto access to repos by Jira users


Bitbucket アカウントの削除 アクションメニューより規定のリポジトリを設定する (Configure repository settings) を選択し、削除してください。

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