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If you have a paid Bitbucket Cloud team (10 users or more), you may find that your account was automatically upgraded to the next tier upon adding an additional user. We have an auto-upgrade mechanism that does this, but in case you don't want to upgrade, you can follow the steps listed in Resolution to correct this.


  • Login as your administrative user account
  • Go to the 'Teams' menu at the top, select your team name
  • Select 'Manage Team' on the right-hand side
  • Go to 'Plan details'
    • Users can have two access levels: Group access and direct repository access (users not assigned to a group)
    • Remove any users by selecting 'Remove' next to their name in order to get to the previous account limit
  • Go to 'Change plan' and downgrade your plan to the preferred limit, then 'Save'

We do not automatically charge you once the plan was auto-upgraded. If you've reverted the plan within one month from the upgrade, then there will be no charge to your account. If you have any questions about your plan, or you're requesting a refund, please feel free to contact our customer advocates:

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