Invalid SSH Key. (ssh-keygen)


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When adding an SSH public key to Bitbucket Cloud, the following error appears: Invalid SSH Key. (ssh-keygen)



You can test this locally by doing the following:

  1. Create your SSH key
  2. Use ssh-keygen to validate the key

    ssh-keygen -l -f
  3. Now, copy the SSH key exactly as you had when attempting to add it to the site
  4. Paste the contents into a new file. Call it
  5. Try to use ssh-keygen again to validate the key.

    ssh-keygen -l -f

At this point, you should have a response indicating if either is invalid.


If the copy is invalid, see the instructions in the above issue for copying the key properly.

If both are invalid, it is possible the tool you are using to create the key is not configured properly. Try starting from the beginning of our SSH keys guide and see if starting from scratch when setting up SSH helps.

If you continue to have issues, please contact support with the output of ssh-keygen as well as your platform and what you are using to create the key.

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