abort: certificate for bitbucket.org has unexpected fingerprint


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When pushing/pulling/cloning to Bitbucket Cloud, you get the error

abort: certificate for bitbucket.org has unexpected fingerprint 3f:d3:c5:17:23:3c:cd:f5:2d:17:76:06:93:7e:ee:97:42:21:14:aa
(check hostfingerprint configuration)


Bitbucket Cloud's certificates were renewed on 4 May 2016: Renewing our certificate. The information on this page reflects that most recent update.

You'll need to update your local Mercurial configuration as follows:

  1. Find your global Mercurial configuration file and open it in an editor

    1. For Windows, this file is called Mercurial.ini and is usually found in your user profile's home directory. For example (C:\Users\mbertrand\Mercurial.ini)
    2. For Unix/OSX, this file is called .hgrc and is found in ~/.hgrc (your home directory)
  2. Edit the line below [hostfingerprints] to reflect the new certificate

    bitbucket.org = 3f:d3:c5:17:23:3c:cd:f5:2d:17:76:06:93:7e:ee:97:42:21:14:aa

If you continue to see this error after updating, please don't hesitate to raise an issue over at support@bitbucket.org and we'll help you look into this further.

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