500 Error When Viewing Commits


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In some circumstances when a commit is really large, Bitbucket Cloud's UI will throw a 500 error upon clicking the commit hash link.

This happens when Bitbucket Cloud tries to load a large commit; and after a while it simply timeout - because the commit is too large to load.


You can confirm the issue by running this command:

$ git log -p <your_commit_hash> |wc -l

For example, if the output of the command appears to be:

$ git log -p <your_commit_hash> |wc -l
5069820 #outputresult

This means your commit has 5.069.820 lines of code. Due to its size, it is causing the error 500 or timeout when you try to access that.


You should be able to view your commit details that you wish to see in the Bitbucket Cloud UI through Git, by running this command in the local repository:

$ git show -p <your_commit_hash>

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