Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) with GitHub in Bamboo


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When attempting to authenticate with a GitHub repository that is secured with two-factor authentication (2FA) via HTTPS, you receive the following error in Bamboo:

Failed to load data from$GitHubException: Must specify two-factor authentication OTP code.


2FA is enabled.


To work around 2FA in GitHub you will need to set up a personal access token and use this instead of your password. The steps to do this are as follows:

  1. Go to your Personal Access Tokens settings in GitHub.
  2. Click on the Generate new token button.
  3. Name the token something descriptive.
  4. Select which scopes you wish to grant this token.
  5. Click the Generate token button.
  6. Copy the token and use it as a password in Linked Repositories.

You can find more information about this on GitHub's help here

The minimum permissions / scopes required for the Personal Access Token for Bamboo to retrieve the list of repositories and source code from GitHub are as follows:

  • repo for private (and public) repositories or

  • public_repo & user to restrict access to just public repositories.

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