Relational link between a repository commit and deployment.


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プラットフォームについて: Server と Data Center のみ - この記事は、サーバーおよびデータセンター プラットフォームのアトラシアン製品にのみ適用されます。


A normal CI-CD cycle will start from a repository commit. This commit will trigger a build plan, that will then trigger a release. This article will address how all these information and steps are linked to each other in the Database.


Bamboo 6 or later.


In summary, what this article will show is:

Build plan --> deployment plan (production env) -->release number and completed date --> commit related to release.

  • Build is stored in the table build.
  • Deployment projects are stored in deployment_project.
  • Both these tables are connected through build.full_key and deployment_project.plan_key.
  • Deployment environments are stored in the table deployment_environment.
  • The tables deployment_project and deployment_environment are connected through deployment_project.deployment_project_id and deployment_environment.package_definition_id
  • Release number and completed date are stored in deployment_result.
  • The tables deployment_result and deployment_environment connect through deployment_result.environment_id and deployment_environment.environment_id.
  • Release date is found in deployment_result.version_name.
  • Completed date is found in deployment_result.finished_date.

As for commits, we need to take a different path, so we will start again:

  • Build is stored in the table build.
  • Build results are stored in buildresultsummary
  • Both are linked through build.full_key and buildresultsummary.build_key
  • Commits are stored in table repository_changeset
  • It's linked to buildresultsummary through buildresultsummary.buildresultsummary_id and repository_changeset.buildresultsummary_id.
  • For detailed info on commits, you can link repository_changeset.repository_changeset_id and user_commit.repository_changeset_id.

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