How to fetch Bamboo Agent utilization report for Builds and Deployments using Database queries


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This KB helps in generating a report for Bamboo agent utilization across Builds and Deployments. 

If we are looking for a report which contains what Builds and Deployments were triggered for each Individual agents we can use the below SQL queries mentioned on this KB.

Below SQL queries are covered here:

  • Agent utilization report for Builds.
  • Agent utilization report for Deployment.


Tested the query in Bamboo 8.1.3 with PostgreSQL DB.


  • SQL to list all the Builds and which agent ran that build and it's completed time.
select q.agent_type, q.title, bs.build_key, bs.plan_name, bs.build_completed_date from queue q left join buildresultsummary bs 
on q.queue_id=bs.build_agent_id order by q.agent_type,q.title,bs.plan_name

  • SQL to list all the Deployments and which agent ran that deployment and it's completed time.
select q.agent_type, q.title, dr.version_name,dr.environment_id,dr.finished_date from queue q left join deployment_result dr 
on q.queue_id=dr.agent_id order by q.agent_type,q.title
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