How to disable bamboo-stdout and bamboo-stderr logging on Windows


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When Bamboo is run as a Windows Service, Tomcat creates additional bamboo-stdout and bamboo-stderr log files under <BAMBOO_INST>/logs. These logs are in addition to Bamboo's own log files and are not necessary, and in some cases you may wish to disable them to save on disk space.


  1. Identify the name of the service that Bamboo is installed as in Windows (Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services):

  2. Open a command prompt from Start > Run > type 'cmd' > Enter.
  3. Change directory to the bin directory of your Bamboo installation directory.

  4. Run the following commands which will differ depending on your version of Bamboo. tomcat8w for Bamboo 5.10 and above:

    tomcat7w //ES//%SERVICENAME%
    tomcat8w //ES//%SERVICENAME%

    (info) In the above example, it would be tomcat7w //ES//Bamboo

  5. Click on the Logging tab to see the current logging configuration:
  6. Under Redirect Stdout and Redirect Stderror, remove the value "auto" so the fields are left empty.
  7. Click Apply and OK to save your changes

After these settings changes have been made, restart Bamboo and the Tomcat container will no longer log further output to bamboo-stdout or bamboo-stderr. Any pre-existing logs will remain and can safely be removed.


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