Bamboo cookies

Bamboo uses Seraph, an open source framework, for HTTP cookie authentication.

認証 cookie

Bamboo uses two cookies:

  • The JSESSIONID cookie is created by the application server and used for session tracking purposes.
  • The 'remember me' cookie, seraph.bamboo, is generated by Bamboo when the user selects the Remember me checkbox on the login page.

(info) You can read about cookies on the Wikipedia page.


The 'Remember Me' cookie

The 'remember me' cookie is a long-lived HTTP cookie. This cookie can be used to authenticate an unauthenticated session. Bamboo generates this cookie when the user selects the Remember me checkbox on the login page.

Cookie key and value

By default, the cookie key is seraph.bamboo. This key is defined in the BAMBOO-INSTALLATION/webapp/WEB-INF/classes/seraph-config.xml file, in the login.cookie.key parameter.

The cookie contains a unique identifier plus a securely-generated random string.

認証に cookie を利用する

When a user requests a web page, if the request is not already authenticated via session-based authentication or otherwise, Bamboo will match the 'remember me' cookie (if present) against the token stored for the user in the Bamboo database (if present).


Life of 'Remember Me' cookies

cookie には有効期限を設定できます。これを行うには、BAMBOO-INSTALLATION/webapp/WEB-INF/classes/seraph-config.xml ファイルを変更し、‪init-param ‬要素の下に次の行を挿入します。

            <param-value>2592000</param-value><!-- 30 days in seconds -->

Other cookie usage

There are several cookies in Bamboo that are used for storing basic presentation states, such as the number of log lines to show, which tab was previously selected etc. They are:



Track which general tabs are open and closed


Date range to show the builds for agents


Date range to show the builds


Log refresh interval in seconds


Maximum # of lines to show on the live logs page

Which tab is selected on the dashboard

Which tab is selected on the Authors tab

Which time group-by period is used in the reports


The ids of the projects that are expanded on the dashboard

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