Viewing your JDK capabilities

Defining a new JDK capability



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You can view all the JDK capabilities that have been defined in your Bamboo system on the JDKs page. These include local server capabilities, local agent-specific capabilities and remote agent-specific capabilities.

Note the following:

  • Bamboo's automatic detection of JDKs — When you install either Bamboo or the Bamboo Remote Agent, it will automatically look for an existing JDK installed on the same machine (based on the machine's JAVA_HOME environment variable) and create a 'JDK capability' for that JDK installation, with its path being the value of JAVA_HOME.
  • Local agents and JDK capabilities — Since Bamboo automatically looks for an existing JDK installed on the same machine and creates a 'JDK capability' for it, all existing and subsequent local agents that you create will possess this JDK capability. Hence, when you access the 'JDKs' page and view this JDK capability, all local agents will be grouped together in the 'All local agents' category and you will only be able to remove this JDK capability from all local agents, not from individual local agents.

To view and configure the JDK capabilities defined in Bamboo:

  1. Click the  icon in the Bamboo header and choose Overview.
  2. Click JDKs (under 'Build Resources') in the left navigation panel.
  3. Click the tab for a specific JDK to see the agents and jobs related to this JDK capability.

    • View the capabilities and jobs associated with an agent with this JDK capability — click the linked name of the agent in the 'Agent' column. See Viewing a capability's agents and jobs.
    • Edit JAVA_HOME for an agent — click Edit in the 'Operations' column for the agent you wish to configure. See Defining a new JDK capability.
    • Remove this JDK capability from an agent  — click Delete in the 'Operations' column for the agent that currently possesses this JDK capability.
      (warning) Be aware that you can only remove a JDK capability from all local agents, not from individual local agents. See the note above for more information.
    • View details about (and configure) an elastic image with this JDK capability — click the name of the elastic image in the 'Elastic Image Configuration' column. See Viewing an elastic image.
    • Configure a job that relies on this JDK capability — click the name of the job in the 'Plan' column.
    • To add a new JDK as a local server capability, click add a JDK as a server capability at the top of the page. This opens the 'Server Capabilities' page at the 'Add Capability' section, with the JDK selected as the Capability Type.


Screenshot: Viewing the JDKs in Bamboo

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