Defining project variables



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When configuring a plan, you may want to specify variables to be used in the build process. For details on how variables are used, see Bamboo variables.

Project variables are defined for a specific project, and have the same value for every plan that belongs to the project. If you want to define a variable for a specific plan, define a plan variable as described in Defining plan variables.

Project variables can be accessed by using ${bamboo.globalVarName}. Project variables can also be overridden at runtime when running a manual build. For more information, see Running a plan build manually.

To access the plan variables page:

  1. プロジェクトを選択します。
  2. Click Project settings.
  3. In the left-hand side column, click Variables.
  4. Add, update or delete the plan variables, as desired:
    • Click Add to add a new variable once you have entered the key and value for it.
    • Updates to existing rows will be saved as you move between cells in the table.
    • Click the cross icon to delete a variable. Bamboo will ask you to confirm its deletion.

Screenshot: Project variables

If your new plan variable contains the word 'password' then the value field will be automatically encrypted. If you change a variable to include the word 'password', then the value field will change from viewable text to an asterisk string.

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