Disabling an elastic agent



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An elastic agent is an agent that runs in the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). An elastic agent process runs in an elastic instance of an elastic image. An elastic agent inherits its capabilities from the elastic image that it was created from.

If you would like to stop an elastic agent, you can disable it in Bamboo. This will abandon any job build it is running and prevent it from running any further job builds.

Please note, disabling an elastic agent will not shut down the elastic instance it is running on (i.e. you will still be charged for the instance uptime). You can permanently stop an elastic agent and instance by shutting down the elastic instance.

The Bamboo server also "supervises" your elastic agents. If the Bamboo server detects that an elastic agent is offline, it will automatically terminate the elastic instance.

To disable an elastic agent:

  1. Navigate to the desired elastic agent, as described in Viewing your elastic agents.

  2. Click Disable in the 'Operations' column for the elastic agent. The elastic agent will display with a status of 'Online (Disabled)'.
    (info) Re-enable the elastic agent by clicking Enable.

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