Quick filters for Bamboo

Use quick filters for handy search shortcuts in your Bamboo build dashboard. Create filters based on configurable rules and never miss a build plan again.

Quick filters work only with plans displayed in Bamboo dashboard, which means that they don't include plan branches. 


Administrators can add, edit, and delete quick filters in Administration  > Plans > Quick filters.

If you already have at least one filter, you can also click the cog icon in the quick filters menu:

Quick filters are available in the build dashboard for all users of a Bamboo instance.

Types of rules

Click a filter name in the build dashboard to display plans that match the rules assigned to the filter.

A plan is displayed only if it matches all the rules specified for a filter.

You can create filters with combinations of the following rules:

By completion date
Displays plans that completed within a specific time frame. For example, you can display plans that completed in the last three days.

By label
Displays plans with a specific label. You can define multiple labels. The plan is display when it has at least one label specified in the rule.

To assign a label to a plan, click the name of a plan to display the plan summary and go to Actions > Modify plan label.

By name
Displays plans with a specific name or plans that match a regular expression.

By project
Displays plans that are assigned to a specific project. You can select one or more projects.

By result status
Displays plans that have completed with a specific result. You can select from: 

    • 成功
    • 失敗

By status
Displays plans based with a specific status. You can select from:

    • Enabled
    • 無効
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