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When working on your repository-stored Bamboo Specs, either Java or YAML, you might need to use sensitive data like passwords, pass phrases, or other access credentials. To make sure your data remains secure, you can use Bamboo sensitive data encryption before storing the confidential information in your code repository.

Sensitive data encryption is available in Bamboo 6.9 and later and it's enabled by default. 

You can use data manually encrypted with Bamboo keys, passwords, passphrases, and variables which are considered secret, which means ones that include keywords such as "secret" or "password".

To encrypt your data:

  1. From the top navigation bar, select Specs > Sensitive data encryption.
  2. Paste the content you want to encrypt in the text box.
  3. Click Encrypt.
    Your content is now encrypted. You can copy it and use it in your Bamboo Specs safely. 

I'm not seeing the Sensitive dat encryption option, what should I do?

If you're using Bamboo 6.9 or later, sensitive data encryption is enabled by default. If you can't see it, contact your administrator.

If you're a Bamboo administrator and would like to enable/disable Sensitive data encryption, go to > Security > Security settings and check/uncheck the Enable Bamboo Specs encryption option.

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