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This page describes how to configure a Bamboo task to use a script executable. You can use Bash on Linux, and batch files on Windows.

To configure a script task:

  1. ジョブのタスク設定タブに移動します(新しいプランを作成するとデフォルト ジョブとなります)。
  2. Click the name of the desired script task, or click Add Task and then Script if creating a new task.
  3. Complete the following settings:

    Script configuration

    Task Description
    A description of the task, which is displayed in Bamboo.

    You can select from the following interpreters:

    • Shell
    • Windows PowerShell
    • /bin/sh or cmd.exe

    Script location
    Select the location of the script file.

    • File — enter the location of the file in the Script file field. This can be either relative to the repository root of the plan, or absolute. You can include variables (see Bamboo variables).
    • Inline — enter the script in the Script body field.

    Specify an argument to pass to the script. Arguments that contain spaces must be quoted. You can include variables (see Bamboo variables).


  4. If required, specify environment variables and working directory settings:

    Environment Variables (Optional) 
    Additional system environment variables that you want to pass to your build. Note that existing environment variables are automatically available to the executable. You can also include Bamboo global or build-specific variables (see Bamboo variables).
    Multiple variables should be separated with spaces. Parameters with spaces must be quoted (e.g ANT_OPTS="-Xms200m -Xmx700m").

    Working Sub Directory (Optional) 
    An alternative subdirectory, relative to the job's root directory, where Bamboo will run the executable. The root directory contains everything checked out from the job's configured source repository. If you leave this field blank, Bamboo will look for build files in the root directory. This option is useful if your task has a build script in a subdirectory and the executable needs to be run from within that subdirectory.

  5. 保存をクリックします。

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