Bamboo YAML

As an alternative to using Bamboo Specs, Bamboo 6.2 allows you to create simple plans using YAML. 

This feature is released as a preview only and its scope might undergo changes in the future. We'd appreciate any feedback regarding Bamboo YAML that you might have so that we can shape this functionality the way that will suit your work best.

Possibility of using YAML for creating plans in available by default in Bamboo 6.2. The format of Bamboo YAML follows the one of Bitbucket Pipelines, however, it might change in the future releases. Currently, we're looking into expanding the syntax with concurrent tasks and artifact sharing.

Right now Bamboo allows you to create plans that have one stage and one job only using YAML. We currently do not provide support for branches and use the master only. 

Using Bamboo YAML, you can create and update plans which will have the project key  PIPELINE{number}  where {number} is the unique ID of the repository. 

When using repository-stored Bamboo Specs, Bamboo searches for the bamboo-specs directory and runs the Bamboo Specs from it. Bamboo YAML works in a similar manner but searches for a file named bitbucket-pipelines.yml in the root directory. If both repository-stored Bamboo Specs and Bamboo YAML directories exist in a project, Bamboo will use repository-stored Bamboo Specs as the approaches are mutual exclusive. 

Your specs defined with Bamboo YAML run in a docker container, which you can define using the  image  attribute.

Here's an example of a simple Bamboo plan created with YAML:


      - step:
          image: golang
            - source
            - cd ${IMPORT_PATH}/stringutil
            - go get
            - go build
            - go test
            - cd ${IMPORT_PATH}/hello
            - go install
            - hello



A job is starting docker container from image. If there is no image defined, a default image is used:  if no image is defined default atlassian/default-image:latest. 

Once started, it will run script lines defined in step/script.


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