Creating a deployment environment


Once you have created and configured your new deployment project, you can create environments for it to deploy to. Bamboo allows you to create multiple deployment environments and also allows you to manage:

  • Environment details such as name and description
  • タスク
  • トリガー
  • 権限
  • エージェント
  • 通知
  • Variables

To create a new deployment environment you will need to:

  1. Provide a name that represents your environment e.g. Test or Production
  2. Provide a description that describes the function of your environment.

Deployment environments are added from the Deployment project configuration screen:

Creating a new deployment environment

To create a new deployment environment:

  1. Click the blue Add environment button from the 'Deployment project configuration' screen. The 'Set up environment' screen will display:

  2. Complete the 'Set up deployment project' screen using the following fields:

    環境名 The name of the environment (error)
    説明 デプロイメント プロジェクトの簡単な説明 (tick)
  3. Click on Create and back to create the environment and return to the 'Deployment project configuration' screen. 
    Note: Because no tasks have been defined for this environment, it will appear with a red exclamation mark:

    Alternatively, click on Continue to task setup to continue to task setup for your new environment:

    See Tasks for deployment environments for more information on task configuration.

Using the deployment environment panel

All deployment environments are managed from the Deployment project configuration screen. By default, when the screen loads, each environment panel is displayed in its collapsed state. Click Edit to expand the deployment environment panel:

When expanded, the environment panel shows three separate sub-panels:

The three sub-panels provide the following functionality:

Sub-panel Functionality 説明
  • Deploy
  • 操作
  • Minimize
  • Manually deploys to the environment
  • Allows the user to View, Delete or Move down the environment
  • Minimize the environment panel back to its collapsed state
How you want to deploy
  • Edit tasks
  • Allows the user to edit the tasks associated with the environment
Other settings
  • トリガー
  • Environment permissions
  • Agents assignment
  • 通知
  • Variables
A set of optional settings that make your Bamboo deployments run more smoothly

Editing the environment details

Bamboo allows you to change both the environment name and the description. To edit these details:

  1. Expand the environment panel and click the pencil icon next to the environment name. The 'Update environment' screen will display:

  2. Complete the 'Update deployment project' screen using the following fields:

    環境名 The name of the environment (error)
    説明 デプロイメント プロジェクトの簡単な説明 (tick)
  3. Click Save environment to save your changes.


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