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You can store credentials within Bamboo for easier access to repositories and Amazon Web Services. The access details that you provide are available to all plans on your Bamboo server.

To manage shared credentials:

  1. Click the  icon in the Bamboo header and choose  Overview.
  2. Go to Build resources >  Shared credentials.
  3. You can addedit, or delete existing credentials.



Adding shared credentials

  1. Click  Add shared credentials  and select the type of credentials that you want to add
  2. Provide the details:

    タイプ フィールド 説明
      Credential name The name of the credential set. Make the name meaningful, as Bamboo refers to the credential set by its name without quoting the details.

    Access key ID Credentials assigned to each IAM user in the AWS management console. For more information, see AWS account for Bamboo .
    Secret access key
    ssh   SSH key The private key from the SSH key pair that you created to authenticate with a repository. You must specify the public key on the repository host side.
    SSH passphrase The passphrase for accessing the SSH private key
    Username and password ユーザ名 The username with which you want to authenticate
    パスワード The password with which you want to authenticate
  3. Click Save credentials to add the credentials to the shared credentials list.

Editing shared credentials

You can modify the details of the existing shared credential by clicking Edit next to the credential name and selecting the Change check box.

Deleting shared credentials

You can delete existing shared credentials by clicking Delete next to the credential name.

After you click Delete, Bamboo displays a message with a list of repositories or plan tasks that depend on the credential and might break if you delete it.

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