Monitoring and Profiling Bamboo

This page helps you to set up profiling for bamboo. Profiling information can be useful to monitor bamboo's performance, memory consumption and the server's CPU load


Profiling with JMX

Enabling the profiler

JMX is Sun's native java platform monitor . JConsole can be used to visualize the profiling data.

To enable JMX add (or<portNum> for remote monitoring) as a command line argument when starting bamboo.

For Unix : add the parameter to the RUN_CMD line in
For Windows : add the parameter to the .\conf\wrapper.conf file as

Bamboo を再起動します。

Does not work when bamboo is run as a windows service

At the moment profiling via JMX only works when bamboo is run as a console application on windows.
Running bamboo as a windows service with profiling is currently not supported.

Monitoring and Controlling the Profiler with JConsole

Please refer to Sun's documentation

Profiling with Yourkit

Installing Yourkit

Yourkit is an alternative (commercial) java profiler.
Follow the installation instructions for your platform.
You do not need a license if you just run the profiling agent with bamboo.

Enabling the profiler

Add -agentlib:yjpagent=onexit=snapshot to the command line in or as an additional parameter to wrapper.conf

Then follow the instructions on enabling the profiler manually for your platform.

Bamboo を再起動します。

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