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This page describes how to configure a Bamboo task to parse MSTest results.

.NET builder tasks in Bamboo (for example NAnt) do not parse test information as part of the task. To have the test results parsed, you need to configure a test task such as MSTest Parser.

(info) Note that each test results file must have a unique name. You can use Bamboo variables to achieve this. Here is a customer-supplied example that includes the revision and build numbers in the name of the test file:


To configure a MSTest Parser task:


  1. ジョブのタスク設定タブに移動します(新しいプランを作成するとデフォルト ジョブとなります)。
  2. Click the name of an existing MSTest Parser task, or click Add Task and then MSTest Parser to create a new task.
  3. タスク設定の更新

    タスクの説明Bamboo で表示されるタスクの説明を入力します。
    MSTest テスト結果ファイルEnter the name of the test results file. The test file must be in MSTest format. For more information on MSTest, see this MSDN page.
  4. 保存をクリックします。

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