How to Prevent Password Auto-completion in Bamboo


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Some organizations have security requirements that require the AutoComplete attribute to be set to "off" for Usernames and Passwords in form-based authentication. Bamboo does not prevent autocompletion by default. and this can be done by modifying the login form.


With a few modifications, the autocomplete=off attribute can be set for both the username and password fields. You will need to modify user login template to set autocomplete to off.

  1. Edit <BAMBVOO-INSTALLATION>atlassian-bamboo\template\simple\text.ftl
  2. Find the line

    <input type="text"[#rt/]

    And modify it to

    <input  autocomplete="off" type="text"[#rt/]
  3. Edit <BAMBVOO-INSTALLATION>atlassian-bamboo\template\simple\password.ftl
  4. Find the line

    <input type="password"<#rt/>

    And modify it to

    <input autocomplete="off" type="password"<#rt/>
  5. Save the files, and restart Bamboo Server

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