Deleting a job's current working files



If you only run a single Bamboo server (i.e. with no remote or elastic agents) and:

  • you need to ensure that a plan's job cleanly checks out its source code when Bamboo next executes a build of that plan
  • and you do not use the Force Clean Build option when linking to the source repository for a job

then you can simply delete the current working files for that job to ensure its source code is cleanly checked out.

You need the 'Admin' global permission or the 'Admin' plan permission to delete current working files.

To delete a job's current working files:

  1. Navigate to the job configuration, as described on Configuring jobs.
  2. Click the Files tab. Note that the Files tab is only available if:
    • the current working files resulting from that job's previous build reside on the Bamboo server (not a remote/elastic agent) and
    • working files exist in this directory.
  3. Click Delete all build files at the end of this page (scroll down if necessary).
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