Creating a local agent



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A Bamboo agent is a service that can run job builds. There are the following types of Bamboo agents:

Local agents run in the Bamboo server's process, i.e. in the same JVM as the server. Each remote agent runs in its own process, i.e. has its own JVM.

Each agent has a defined set of capabilities and can only run builds for jobs whose requirements match the agent's capabilities. 


Note that one local agent, with the default name of Default agent, is automatically created after installing Bamboo.

To create a new local agent:

  1. Go to cogwheel icon > Build resources > Agents.
  2. Select Add local agent.
  3. Enter details for the agent. The name is displayed on the dashboard. The description is only visible to administrators.
  4. 追加 を選択します。

Note that your new local agent:

Add local agent screen

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