Changing members of groups


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Bamboo groups are used to specify which users will have global permissions and plan permissions. They can also be used to specify which users will receive notifications about a plan's build results. You can create and delete as many groups as you need. You will typically create at least one group per project.

A special group called bamboo-admin is automatically created when you install Bamboo. Members of this group have Bamboo administration rights.

To change the members of a group:

  1. Bamboo ヘッダーの アイコンをクリックし、概要を選択します。
  2. Click Groups in the left navigation panel. The 'Manage Groups' screen will be displayed.
  3. Click Edit for the relevant group, in the 'Operations' column. The 'Edit Group Details' screen will be displayed. Users who already belong to the group are shown in blue; users who do not currently belong to the group are shown in white.
  4. Press the <Ctrl> key and hold it while you select (or deselect) the users whom you want to add to (or remove from) the group.
  5. 保存をクリックします。


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