Bamboo 6.5 EAP Release Notes

Bamboo 6.5 Release Notes



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We are proud to present  Bamboo 6.5 EAP . This release is part of our Early Access Program (EAP) leading up to the official  Bamboo 6.5  release. We are making these EAP milestones publicly available so that developers can start assessing the impact of the changes that we are making.


Development releases are snapshots of the ongoing Bamboo development process. For that reason:

  • これらのリリースは安定させるよう試みていますが、フル リリースほどのテストは行っていません。
  • Features in development releases maybeincomplete,ormay change or be removed before the next full release.

Much as you are able to upgrade previous versions of Bamboo to the 6.5 EAP version, and smoothly upgrade from the 6.5 EAP to the final version, once it's released, we don't recommend installing the EAP release on your current production environment. For information about the supported upgrade paths, see Bamboo upgrade guide.

Bamboo Specs run on new repos

Bamboo Specs brings you support for a new set of repositories. Starting from version 6.5, you will be able to use Bamboo Specs Java and YAML with the following repositories: 

  • Git
  • Bitbucket Cloud
  • GitHub
  • Subversion

For Bamboo Specs to work with repositories other than Bitbucket Server, users will need to set up proper webhooks. The webhooks must send HTTP requests to Bamboo on commits. On each request Bamboo will run "Specs detection" for targeted repository, to see if there are any Specs changes. If so, Bamboo will update necessary plans and deployments.

Bamboo 6.5 EAP ships with Bamboo Specs in version 6.4.1.

To enable webhooks in your repository: 

  1. In Bamboo, generate a URL used as a destination for your webhook:
    1. In the top navigation bar, click Create Create Bamboo Specs.
    2. Select your project type.
    3. Select the repository for Bamboo Specs. 
    4. Copy the URL that is generated for you as the destination for the webhook.
  2. In the repository you want to use for storying Bamboo Specs, use the Bamboo URL to enable the webhook:
    1. Go to your repository settings. 
    2. Find webhook-specific configuration. 
    3. Paste in the URL Bamboo provided you with.

Bamboo webhook in your repository is now enabled. 

New looks 

Recently Atlassian has undergone a thorough rebranding which left Bambo with a new logo. You can enjoy our new look starting from version 6.5.


29 March 2018 - Bamboo 6.5

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