Sharing roadmaps


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If you're using the improved planning interface, this page is for you. If you're using live plans, head to Live plans (legacy).

You can share a read-only version of a roadmap to keep stakeholders up-to-date on how business initiatives are tracking across your organization.

Anyone who has permission to view your plan can access the roadmap you're sharing.

Share plan dialog 

Sharing a read-only roadmap

When you share a read-only roadmap, it will inherit any filters and settings you've configured on the roadmap, like issue hierarchy, filters, timeline date range, view settings, and more.

To share a read-only roadmap:

  1. Above the timeline, select Share.
  2. To share the roadmap as a read-only link:
    1. リンクを選択します。
    2. コピー をクリックします。
    3. Give the link to people you want to share your roadmap with.
  3. To share and embed the roadmap in an HTML page:
    1. Click Embed.
    2. コピー をクリックします。
    3. Give the link to stakeholders you want to share your roadmap with. You can use the link in any HTML page that supports URL embedding.
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Consider hiding warnings in the roadmap to show a clean view to stakeholders. You'll need to clear the Warnings checkbox in View settings before you generate the link. See Customizing view settings to learn how to do this.

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