Customizing view settings


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Use the View settings drop-down menu in your plan to customize how data is displayed. For example, in the plan below, the Group by setting is being used to group issues by project, and the Color by setting is used to color issues by status:Here’s an overview of the options in the view settings menu:

  • Group by — To group issues into separate swimlanes based on attributes like sprint, team, or assignee. Learn more

  • Color by — To color-code issues based on relevant information for plan viewers, for example, color by project, labels, or custom fields. Learn more

  • Roll-up — In the Roll-up section, select the Dates or Others checkbox, or both, to surface values of child issues at the parent hierarchy level. Learn more

  • Sort by — To sort issues in the plan by rank, target dates, or other custom datesLearn more

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