Jira アプリケーションの Oracle への接続

ここでは、Jira を Oracle データベースに接続する方法について説明します。



1. Oracle の設定

  1. Ensure that you have a database instance available for Jira either create a new one or use an existing one.
  2. Within that database instance, create a user which Jira will connect to. For example, jiradbuser.
    Make sure that you remember this database user name as it will be used to configure Jira's connection to this database in the following steps.

    create user <user> identified by <user_pass> default tablespace
    tablespace_name> quota unlimited on <tablespace_name>;

    When you create a user in Oracle:

    • Oracle will create a "schema" automatically
    • the tablespace for the table objects must be specified

  3. ユーザーが次の権限を持つことを確認します。

    grant connect to <user>;
    grant create table to <user>;
    grant create sequence to <user>;
    grant create trigger to <user>;

    It is critically important that the user is granted the exact privileges as indicated above. Jira requires only these privileges if either less or more than these privileges are applied, some Jira functions may not work properly.

    Simply put, for Jira functions to work as expected, we advise that you grant specific privileges to the user, and not assign a role to the user.

    For example, if you grant the RESOURCE role to a user, and the RESOURCE role grants the SELECT ANY TABLE privilege, then Jira functions may not work as expected. Thus, we recommend that you grant the exact privileges to the user instead.

  4. Ensure that the database is configured to use the same character encoding as Jira. The recommended encoding is AL32UTF8 (the Oracle equivalent of Unicode UTF-8).

2. Oracle JDBC ドライバのダウンロード

Download the right JDBC driver for your Oracle version:

  1. Download the Oracle JDBC driver.
  2. Copy the downloaded .jar file to the lib/ directory in the Jira installation directory. 

For more information on supported drivers, see Supported platforms.

3. Oracle データベースに接続するための Jira Server の設定

Oracle データベースに接続するために JIRA サーバーを設定する方法は2つあります。

  • By using the Jira setup wizard. Use this method if you have just installed Jira and are setting it up for the first time. Your settings will be saved to the dbconfig.xml file in your Jira home directory.
  • By using the Jira configuration tool. Use this method if you have an existing JIRA instance. The settings will be saved to the dbconfig.xml file in your Jira home directory.

Configuring Jiraby using the setup wizard

You'll see the Jira setup wizard when you access Jira for the first time in your browser.

  1. On the Configure Language and Database screen that appears first, set Database Connection to My own database.
  2. データベース タイプOracle に設定します。
  3. Fill out the fields as described in the Database connection fields section.
  4. 接続をテストし、保存します。

Configuring Jira by using the configuration tool

  1. Jira 設定ツールを次のように実行します。
  2. Go to the Database tab and set Database type to Oracle.
  3. Fill out the fields as described in the Database connection fields section.
  4. 接続をテストし、保存します。Jira と Oracle を手動で設定したときに指定したすべてのカスタム設定 (例: <connection-properties>SetBigStringTryClob=true</connection-properties> の追加) は削除されます。削除された設定は手動で回復させる必要があります。
  5. Jira を再起動します。


Setup Wizard / Configuration tooldbconfig.xml



Located in the <url> tag (bold text in the following example): url>jdbc:oracle:thin:@ dbserver :1521/ORCL</url>

Oracle サーバーがインストールされたサーバー マシンのマシン名または IP アドレスです。

Located in the <url> tag (bold text in example below):
<url>jdbc:oracle:thin:@dbserver: 1521/ORCL</url>

The TCP/IP port that the Oracle server is listening on. The default port number for Oracle is "1521".

Located in the <url> tag (bold text in example below):<url>jdbc:oracle:thin:@dbserver:1521/ ORCL </url>

The Oracle "System Identifier". The default value for most Oracle servers is "ORCL". If you are using the Oracle Express Edition, the default value will be "XE".

<username> タグに格納されます (下記例の太字部分):
<username> jiradbuser </username>

The user that Jira uses to connect to the Oracle server. You should have created this user in Step 1 of this guide.

パスワード<password> タグに格納されます (下記例の太字部分):
<password> jiradbuser </password>
The user's password that's used for authentication with the Oracle server.

dbconfig.xml ファイルのサンプル

上記の dbconfig.xml ファイルに含まれる、pool で始まる <jdbc-datasource/> の子要素の詳細については、「データベース接続のチューニング」を参照してください。

    <validation-query>select 1 from dual</validation-query>

4. Jira を起動する

これで、Oracle データベースに接続するための Jira の設定が完了しました。次のステップでは、これを起動させます。

Congratulations, you now have Jira connected to your Oracle database.


If you face problems when dealing with custom workflows or working with issues that have long descriptions, comments or custom field values, try adding the element <connection-properties>SetBigStringTryClob=true</connection-properties> as a child of the </jdbc-datasource> element in your dbconfig.xml file.

This connection property may solve the encountered problems. You'll need to restart Jira afterward.

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